Mehul Choksi Likely On Dominica Trip With Girlfriend Before Arrest: Report

Mehul Choksi will lose citizenship if he leaves the nation, Gaston Browne stated (File)

Saint John’s:

Amid suspense over the mysterious disappearance of Indian fugitive Mehul Choksi from Antigua and Barbuda, it seems that he could have taken his girlfriend on a romantic journey to Dominica, the place he was arrested.

Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne on Saturday stated it’s attainable for Dominica to deport Choksi to India as a result of he entered the nation illegally, AntiguaNewsRoom reported.

Earlier, Mr Browne had indicated that Dominica ought to deport Choksi on to India and never return him to Antigua and Barbuda as he could be protected by the Constitutional rights.

Asserting that the nation totally respects the jurisdiction of the court docket over this matter, Mr Browne stated in a globalised world cooperation amongst states is required to combat and defeat criminals and to disclaim criminals using state equipment for cover and development of their felony conduct.

“We live in a globalised world where cooperation among states is required to fight and defeat criminals and to deny criminals the use of the state apparatus for protection and advancement of their criminal conduct. That is precisely why we have and continue to encourage the government of Dominica, to make him persona non grata for illegally entering their country and to deport him to India where he is still a citizen.”

The Prime Minister additional urged to contemplate the deportation of Choksi on to India, as a type of state cooperation to apprehend a fugitive.

“We respect the jurisdiction of the court over this matter. My request on behalf of the state, for Dominica to consider deporting Choksi directly to India, as a form of state cooperation to apprehend a fugitive, is perfectly acceptable,” he stated.

“This request for state cooperation could never be construed by any law-abiding entity, of integrity and legitimate purpose to be an “ill-considered utterance,” he said, adding “moreover the declare that the request undermines the rule of regulation or Choksi’s constitutional rights, is preposterous.”

If he (Mehul Choksi) is deported to Antigua, he’ll proceed to benefit from the authorized and constitutional protections of citizenship, he stated additional.

Mr Browne final week stated that if Choksi flees the nation his citizenship will likely be revoked.

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